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2007 Lexus IS250 RWD Center Console Issue

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Hi Guys,

I have been a member since I purchased my car back in 2007. Unfortunately, I have now encountered some bad luck after racking up well over 120K miles. 


Recently, my center console (climate control and radio) has been non-functional. 

Both screens show no information other than just the backlight illumination. All the buttons light up when my headlights are on but the majority of the push buttons for the climate control and radio are non-functional. The only button that occasionally works is the one to access the audio tuning menu (Bass, treble, mid) but the buttons to the side are not functional. Interestingly, enough the buttons on the bottom row (AM, FM, AUX) and the dials (volume and station tuning) work fine. The clock works fine. The hazard light button works fine. Unfortunately, I don't see the usual indicator that the passenger airbag is off so that may not be working as expected. 


Everything I've look into, says this might be a fuse issue. I've grossly checked the fuses and don't see any that are broken. 

I can replace the fuses since this appears the be the cheapest way to try to fix the problem. What fuses do you recommend off of Amazon? 


I took the vehicle into the dealership to get some factory recalls done (airbags, etc.) and they quoted me over $3500 for a new center console and blamed an A/C relay? 


I found youtube videos showing how to replace the entire center unit, but before I spend $200+ on a replacement unit from Ebay what else can be causing this issue and how can I resolve it? 

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That's unfortunate mate. Did try contacting lexus support maybe? I know my friend had also some problems in the past, so he just sold his car and got himself some nice deal on DSRleasing on lease

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Just to clarify the problem, Q1) does the radio work?  Q2) On the center display, do you get any pictures?  If the answer to Q1) is yes, and the answer to Q2) is no, then I have lived through this problem.  The least expensive repair is to replace the screen on the nav unit (about $200 for the screen if you order it online, you remove the nav unit, replace the screen and reinstall the nav unit yourself).  However, it could also be the nav unit and that is a lot more expensive.  I found one from a salvage yard for about $1200.  This issue is something that Lexus should make a lot less expensive to repair, if they want to keep a good reputation.  At the time, the Lexus dealership said a new unit was unavailable and a remanufactured nav unit was over $5000, without labor!  So it's really important to get the diagnosis correct!

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