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  1. Just Found My Dream Car...

    Yes, this is probably the dream of most of us. It is lovely indeed, really beast car if you ask me. Maybe someday if DSRLeasing will have it in their offer I'll go for it.
  2. Our 2nd Anniversary Update

    Nice car driving history! To be honest it's my first lexus now as well. I drove BMW, Toyota and Mercedes earlier but it's my new lexus from DSRLeasing that got me fired up the most.
  3. That's unfortunate mate. Did try contacting lexus support maybe? I know my friend had also some problems in the past, so he just sold his car and got himself some nice deal on DSRleasing on lease
  4. I remember my friend had some big problems with gas light in LX570, then he sold it and got a new one in the lease from here: and it was working like a charm. I saw a lot of people were having this problem in 2010 here.
  5. New CT200h Owner

    Holy, that's a lovely one. Congrats man. I saw a guy on my fb got himself this beast: Amazingly good imo
  6. Don't know what to do

    Yeah that's really a lot. You gotta take to the real specialist I guess cause 4 trannies, that's a lot and yo don't beat this car do you? My uncle just served himself this one: Damn, it's lovely and you are guaranteed from those things to not happen, but not every got that kind of dough though.
  7. Used 2016 Lexus ES 350 v6

    Wow, that's a nice car. I remember a woman from my corporation was looking for a new car to buy and she even rejected this baby even thought it's superb deal she just said she is not into leases.
  8. Hey, it should in my opinion. I never had this car, but from what somewhere on the other forums that's really stable model. You can find reviews with this model and 250k miles on it, people are mostly very happy with the purchase. By the way if you were looking for lease, check this out: I got mine from it and I'm very happy.