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Junk yard Navigation


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I recently replaced my 2007 ES350 navigation system with one from a salvage yard.  It seems to work but after about 10 miles or so, the position indicator

on the screen is about 2 miles off.  After a while the navigation system completely loses its way. 

Question. Does the different unit need to be calibrated or adjusted in some way. (I have ran the new tire calibration with no change in behavior)

Would a trip to the dealer to reprogram Help?

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Yes and no. Yes because there is a "service entry" procedure to permit Lexus service techs into the system to make changes. And no because if the tech can't get the system to correct, you'll still have a bill to pay, whether they get it right or not. And if "not" is what happens, they'll blame it on the used nav system.


That said, I have seen a thread here (maybe within the last three years or so) that gave the procedure for unlocking the nav system to its service procedures. At the time the thread procedure allowed you to input destination info while the car was in gear and moving. I recall that's what the poster was trying to achieve, and one assumes that the same procedure would allow for calibration of the unit, but I don't know for sure. I'd do a search for that thread and try it.


Either that, or search through the Toyota Avalon FSM for the navigation materials.for 2006. Here's the free link for pdf download. It explains the procedure for what you are seeking. Scroll down and download the nav pdf.     

            http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Toyota/Avalon/2006 Toyota Avalon SIL/RM/

Click on the one  called "RM00A0U".   I've got to believe that it would be exactly the same for a Lexus. Good Luck!

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