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Thermostat location

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I have a 1994 ES300 and I'm hoping that someone can tell/show me the location of it. Coolant is not flowing as intended and before I gI've up on the radiator and get a new one I'd like to try and swap out the thermostat. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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There are several YouTube videos for ES thermostat replacement, but they don't identify the year of the ES. Thankfully, there are several Camry v6 thermostat replacement videos as well, that are for your generation (Lexus ES300 uses the same engine as the Camry V6 of the same years, they are sister cars). Check them out and you'll have your answers.

Hint: install the thermostat with the small wiggle valve (bypass opening with a loose weighted rivet contraption that allows a small amount of coolant through even when coolant is cold) in the up/12 o'clock position.

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