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98 Sc300 Coolant temp rises

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Hey guys, I changed my starter, plugs, wires, radiator hoses and thermostat today. When I started the car it fired right up and ran beautifully. After about 2 miles I noticed my coolant temp gauge on the rise. Luckily I pulled in the garage right as it was approaching the red mark. I did a search on the forums and it seemed like any problem people were encountering were related to thermostat or coolant quantity, both of which were addressed today during maintenance. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

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Did you refill the coolant properly after replacing the radiator hoses/thermostat? What I mean is, did you bleed out any air that might have been trapped inside the cooling system? I found it best to have a Lisle brand coolant funnel attached to the radiator while filling the coolant. Then set the climate control heat at high while running the engine. Hold the rpm up to 3,000 until the heat is nice and hot inside the cabin and the cooling fans kick on. Keep an eye at the funnel for a few minutes until no more bubbles rise.

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Yes, I did everything I knew to properly "burp" the system, even had it on ramps. I decided to start opening the engine up to get an idea of the internal condition. It was horrible. Now I'm in the process of rebuilding the motor, head gasket was shot and cylinder head was warped .002" out of limit. Thanks for the reply.

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