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Universal 02 sensor for P0037 code

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I am trying to replace a bank 1 sensor 2 on my 2006 Lexus IS350 using a Bosch universal sensor. These sensors come with four color-coded cables. Sounds simple, but as it turns out, the color scheme of the existing sensor does not match that of the universal sensor. In addition, neither sensor has a color scheme that matches the one on the car's harness. Without knowing what cable serves what purpose, I was told by the mechanic that the risk was destroying the ECU.

The Bosch instructions describe correct color pairings based on a list of possible color schemes for existing sensors, as opposed to harness cables. In other words, this sounds hazardous.

We tried locating OEM wiring diagrams but were unsuccessful.

Called Lexus and they said to use an Ohmmeter to identify the various cables (2 heater, one signal, one ground I believe). 


Should I give up and just buy a direct fit DENSO sensor? Is the FSM for my car available anywhere? Should we put our trust in the Bosch instructions?

Your help is much appreciated. Happy New Year to all.


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Hi and welcome to the Forum

I would probably bite the bullet and go for an OE sensor.

I used to fit aftermarket sensors and always used to have issues with them so had to replace them with OE in the end.

Just not worth the hassle

Let us know how you get on with it

Cheers  Trevor

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