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es300 wheels on a es330


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I have the original alloys from my 92 Es300. They are 15". My brother just got an 05 ES330 and really needs snow tires.  It has 17" wheels now. Will my 15" wheels fit? I know the bolt pattern is the same but that is not all to the equation. Has anyone put 15" wheels on their 330? And what size tires did you go with? I am thinking  205/65 or 70 15's.

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When it comes to wheel size, the way to know for sure is to try fitting one of the es300 wheels on the front of the es330. The wheel has to clear the front caliper in order to fit.

If it clears on the front, it will clear on the rear, as front calipers are always larger than the rears.

The es330 came with 16 " wheels standard, so fitting a 15 " wheel will put the speedometer out by 3 or 4 mph .... again, if the 15 " wheel will fit and clear the caliper.

Presently, I'm running 16 " winter wheels on my 2012 Subaru OutBack which comes with 17 " wheels from the factory. The speedo is out about 5 kmph at 80 kmph (50 mph). I just live with it until the spring when the stock wheels and tires go back on the car. But that's not saying that you will find the same on your Lexus. The only way to know for sure is to try fitting them. Good Luck!

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Thanks for replying. I didn't mention the car is in another state or I would have just test fitted.

Going to smaller wheels does not change the speedometer at all. It is all in the tires. While the 330 has 17" wheels and 215 tires, by going to a 205/65 or 70 15 tire will keep the speedo pretty close  or exact depending on the brand.

I had a fist gen probe and it got t boned so I was going to give my alloys to a family member with a second gen but the change in rotor design made it impossible. I know the 300 and 330 use different rotors.

As far as your Outback, I know that if you have the 3.6R then the 16" won't fit due to the rotor size.

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