2008 LS 460 Power Trunk won't operate

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At first it wouldn't close---after much investigating and fuse checking, I did a battery disconnect reset. and it closed and now will not open.
There is nothing stuck in the latch, it is not the valet switch in the glove box. I can push the button on the key-fob and it just beeps.
I can push the trunk open switch on the trunk and it just beeps.
Is there some sort of limit switch for the trunk motor that could cause this?
Could the motor be bad and causing this?
At first when it would not latch--the lock mechanism would cycle like it was trying to latch and unlatch--four or five times but the lid would not go up or down.'
I would try to shut the trunk and it would not latch---that's when I did the battery reset and pushed it down to latch and there you have it---nothing else.

BTW, In my frustration, I forgot to mention that the key opens it fine---just the Power Trunk opener does not work. Thanks for your help.

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Found the problem--the Trunk latch mechanism (Lexus-64650-50040-Trunk-Actuator-Motor) position sensor was broken and shut down the power trunk operation.

The white plastic position sensor on the latch assembly was broken. Found it on Amazon for $343.00. Works like a champ.

Trunk latch.jpg

Trunk latch sensor.jpg

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If you want to save $350 or more, you can also carefully remove the sensor, drill out a 1/16 through hole at the center of the rotary arm & stationary portion...then screw the rotary arm back in place with a tiny screw.  I just finished this on mine & it works great.  **Just make sure you have a low profile screw head so it doesn't bind into the silver sway arm.  Also, you want to wallow out the rotary arm hole a little bigger than the screw - that way the screw only holds into the stationary sensor portion.  You don't want the rotary arm engaged w/ the screw trying to turn it.

I kept bumping the "trunk close" button when trying to pull away the trunk lid trim.  If you remove the 2 top right fuses 10A & 5A in the left trunk fuse block, the trunk lights & trunk operation will stop while you work on the sensor. 

LS460L trunk latch sensor.jpg

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