Key Fob Replacement

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I have a GX 470 and a Toyota Land Cruiser.  Both of the original key fobs/shells broke on my LC within the last year.  I replaced them with these 3D printed shells, I found on another forum I follow for my Land Cruiser, and thought I would be proactive and get one for my Lexus as well.  These are a great option if and when you have the same issue as many of us do with these shells breaking over time.   I am in no way affiliated with this company, but do highly recommend these 3D printed key fobs!




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As a follow up, here's the latest version of the YotaMD key shell. It integrates the factory key as well and reinforces it with Titanium.


I'm hoping to have a few Lexus owners verify fitment on some of the non-SUVs this winter, so if you've got an LS400 or GS/SC that uses this style and are interested, let me know!





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