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2016 GS350 Engine Idle

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Greetings, I just purchased a new 2016 GS350. Traded up from a 2013 ES Ultra, which I loved.  Love this car even more, from a sportiness perspective.  Question to other GS owners.  I've noticed a rough noise, or rough idle, when starting the car first thing in the morning, or after it has sat for some length of time.  My 2008 ES sounded like that, as does my 2010 RX.  My 2013 ES never sounded that way and my service advisor said they changed something in the engine or transmission in the ES.  My 2013 purred when it started and never stopped.  It was silky smooth.  The new GS just sounds rough for about a minute or so and then smoothes out.  Of course, I asked about it and was told everything was normal, which is the standard Lexus comment.  Said it sounds that way until something or other warms up or something like that.  Im still trying to get used to the different drive and acceleration patterns of the GS vs the ES.  Overall I love it.  It's just a richer vehicle all the way around.  Just curious about the idle and if anyone else has noticed it.  Is it normal?

Thanks, Scott 


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