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Mylar Rock Guards

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Have been lurking for awhile but now have a question.  Have purchased another 2014 ES350 (Certified Pre-Owned) to match DW's 2014 ES350 for my primary vehicle.  Am very pleased with the vehicle.

Have one small complaint and that is the MYLAR Rock Guards on the rear doors and leading edge of rear fenders, it is stained around the edges and I am not successful in removing the stains.  The stains are around the edges of the Mylar and are in the adhesive.

Had similar Mylar Rock Guard on MH front with same staining.  Removed the Mylar with Hairdryer and Adhesive removers and lost of Elbow Grease.  the removal lifted Paint in one area which was quite expensive to repaint that section, am concerned about same thing happening on the ES350.

I will appreciate your advice as to remedy.


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Well I tried to clean the discoloration around the Mylar Rock Guards and was unsuccessful, used bleach and Qtips around the edges with no effect.

Have removed them, no problem (was worried about lifting the paint, didn't) and used GooBegone  to remove the residual adhesive and waxed the area, it looks great. 

Am still contemplating whether to put new ones on, probably won't.  Am concerned in that it took 5 to 6 years before the Mylar on the front of my Motorhome to discolor and less than 2 years for the Lexus applied Mylar to discolor.

Thks for listening to my "Rant".



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