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SC430, 2002 Lexus over 200K miles- How many miles will it go?


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My SC 430 is over 210,000 miles.    Are there any mechanics or car people out there who can tell me how many miles will this car go?

I love the ride and it looks brand new however the unexpected costly repairs(alternator-i know big deal and leaking oil gasket cost me 1500 bucks just like that!

What is the highest number of miles this car can go with minimal issues?

Should I sell now? Or keep?

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I am one of 'those people' who has had my SC430 only serviced by the dealer .

There are two SC430's, that I know of, at my dealership that have well over 300k. I only have 108k on my 2005, and I plan to keep it as long as possible.

Good luck,


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Lexus claims that the service life for the 430 engine is 300,000 miles with normal maintenance. 

Usually it is the interior and electronics that start to go bad, lights, buzzers, and some of the myriad of compicated stuff that makes a Lexus so much fun to own. 

Mechanically you have a good chance to make it to 275,000 miles or more.   It is the other stuff that might convince you to sell it. 

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I am looking to buy a SC430 for around 9000 euros its a 2003 model done 117,000 km, the owner is confident and says i can take to a lexus dealer for a check up before buying do you all think his could b a good buy, and do they go for 200k plus?





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I have 238k km on my 2005. 

Back in 2016 I mentioned on this post that there are two other SC430's that also are serviced at my local Lexus dealer with over 480k km.

They are both still driving around town..

Good luck



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