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ES300 Motor Mounts

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My sister's 2002 ES300 (93K mileage, well maintained):  Local 'stealer' says all 4 engine mounts need replacement, at approx $1600.  There is no vibration or problems noted, and car is cautiously driven in city driving...continue ops, or am I missing something?  Mucho ThanX in advance,  Bill (Cert. FAA Acft. mechanic, BWDIK)

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If there is no noticeable engine vibration that is erratic, at that age and that mileage, I'd tell the dealership to try another fantasy and maybe that one will be believable. While its not unheard of for motor mounts to go bad, it is rare, and usually only on high mileage cars.

And why would you service a 14 year old Lexus at a dealership, at their prices? Any good independent mechanic can do the work on your Lexus at much lower prices. The car is basically a Camry, which just about anyone can service.

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