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1991 LS400 VSV?


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Hello all,

Long time lurker, first time poster with my 1991 LS400. Sorry for the NOOB question, but I'm trying to locate my VSV and I'm unclear where it is--and are there actually two? Can anyone post a pic of an engine bay of a 1991 1UZ and show the VSV(s)? Thank you! Hope to add more, better content as I get more experience with this car, which I'm doing PM after buying it. Thanks!

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Thanks CHC! Part of the situation is when I called the stealership, they couldn't tell if VSV 90925-03190, of which there are two, is what I'm looking for, or VCV Vacuum Control Valve 89470-50011/50020 is it. I'm looking for the EGR VSV.

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At the top of the egr valve unit there is a diaphragm with a port and a small hose follow it, it goes to the vsv.

No volts on the vsv connects ports E to F and would open the egr. With 12v it then connects port E to the filter and that would close the egr.

Sometimes there is carbon build up in the larger bottom hose at some where in it that goes the egr modulator that is the thing that has 3 small hoses on it and ports labeled

P R Q at the top and one larger hose at the bottom.

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