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Advice - newbie here

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Hi all,

A little backstory: I've been looking around for a second/project car to play with modifying. I'm torn between performance and luxury mods, so I had hoped to get something I could modify in the VIP/show style, but have some decent power and sound. Alas, in all of my searching I came across the gs400, which seems to fit my bill perfectly. 

The problem for me is, I can't find many choices locally, but I did have an option recently arise. It's a 1999 GS400 with 170k miles. About 10k per year, not too bad. And I've done research to see that the engine is pretty bulletproof, so 170k isn't something to flee at. I've talked the seller down to $3000. My other option was to hold out for something a little newer/less miles, but I think this may work well, as the cheap price tag will leave me free to bring the car back to acceptable standards (if needed -- suspension wise, etc.) and then modify from there.

Any reason why this would be a poor purchasing decision? (Obviously assuming the car is in good shape for the age as is).


Tl;dr - Want a lexus gs400. Found a 1999 with 170k for $3000 and want to know if this is a worthy purchase.


Thanks in advance!

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welcome to the Lexus Owners Club!

I guess a v8 with 170K is not too bad and if looked after (and make sure it has been looked after in the past) should last you for a lot more miles.

Just do some homework on its maintenance history

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