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New 2015 Rx350 How To Clean The Dashboard


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So we have had the new RX 2 weeks. When we picked it up from the dealer there was a mark on the area next to the glove box.. looks like someone test driving it crossed there legs and tennis shoes marked the almost black dashboard. I now have a 8 in mark on the top of the dash where the tag on a new microfiber towel rubbed on it. I cannot get these marks of for anything. I tried a towel with just water, leather cleaner and armor all. What gives. How do you clean this damn thing..... Any ideas...I have never had this problem on my last two RX's

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From the anecdotal information I have heard about Armor All protectants I would never use them on any vehicle. The stories that I have heard indicate that eventually constant use of the product will cause the surface of the dashboards to crack. What I use is a product called Aerospace 303. it is not an easy product to find. Can be gotten online, many boating shops have it. It's also used on airplanes. They also make a special fabric protector. Their stuff is  to specifically designed to stop UV damage. It does not leave an extremely high gloss finish, so reflections are not near the issue that they are with some of the other products. In the 50 years that I have used this product, nothing coated with it has ever cracked. It is non-sticky, does not attract dust, and last for a long time. It's not cheap, but good products rarely are. It can be ordered from Walmart at around $15 a pint. However a pint will last for years on a single car. You might want to try simple green and see if that works to get rid of your mark. I would tested first in a hidden area of your dashboard. I also would try and diluted first before trying it full strength. Since it is water based, and can be drunk full strength without sending you to the emergency room, (A demonstrator used to do this to demonstrate how safe it was. However for what I've heard, I would imagine he only did it when there was a restroom nearby :-) it is really a a good cleaner) it is unlikely that will melt the plastic. However it is very good in removing just about anything. As such I would then redcoat the area cleaned with some sort of a polish or protectant afterwards.

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