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Should I Buy 2005 Lexus 330 , 150 Km

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Hello all,

I am planning to buy my first car. And one of mine family friend is selling his OLD 2005 lexus es 330 (150K)for around 7000$ and he got Timing belt and water pump replaced around 120k . I did the test drive and car drove beautiful without any issues. I am also planning to get it checked by a local mechanic.

But i have couple of concerns.

1. Is 150K too much for lexus es 330? and it might need lots of repair soon?

2. Is it very expensive to maintain and repair lexus?

3. Do you think the price is right of the car?

Any answers will be appreciated.

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Well it depends on how well the car was maintained.

If the previous owners stayed on top of everything you will be fine.

My ex has a 2003 ES300 with almost 200K miles plus she dves like she's in NASCAR and her car can easily last for another 200K miles thanks to me making sure that the car was maintained properly.

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Most common repair/maintenance issues on an ES are the same as on a Camry of the same generation. The cars are pretty bullet proof if you take care of them.

But would I suggest any one buying their first car to buy a used Lexus? Not unless they have access to the funds to make some expensive repairs if they become necessary, or have a mechanic friend/family member who can help keep the costs down. The Camry would be the better buy.

For example: if the ES has the terrain following headlights and it quits working, the tiny variable switch running the system on the passenger rear suspension costs over $600, and only Lexus can get the part. (I fixed ours with a used one on eBay for $150). If the car has the powered foot pedals and the accelerator pedal position sensor goes south, Lexus will not sell you just the sensor. You must buy a complete powered pedal assembly at about $1000. And it will cost about $500 to pull the dash and the steering column to get the old assembly out. I have been there as well, but I swapped out the sensor from the new assembly without changing anything else. (Anyone want to buy a powered pedal assembly minus the APPS?)

If it is to be your first car, you don't have the dollars to spend on fixing a Lexus. Buy a Camry, Corolla, or a Honda instead. Then again, maybe daddy has deep pockets and will jump in. Just saying! Good Luck!

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