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Bluetooth Microphone Issue

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When I am speaking with someone through bluetooth in the car, the caller has a hard time hearing me. From all of my searching it sounds like there is an actual problem with the microphone in the car.

At one point I took it to the dealer and they increased the volume. That did not fix the issue because it's not that it's not loud enough, it's that there is not enough clarity and outside noise gets in the way (it's worse when I'm on the freeway). So it's not a volume issue, it's a noise cancelling or microphone issue.

I've searched this issue and the best I can come up with is there was a TSB sent out at one point by Lexus regarding this issue.

Have you had this issue and if so, what has been your fix for it? What's worked? Do I need to replace the Bluetooth? Is it possible to just replace the microphone?

thanks in advance!

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