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2007 Rx 350 Rear Overhead Dvd System

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I just bought a 2007 RX 350 and can't figure out how to play the overhead DVD player through cars speaker system. You can hear the DVD through the wireless headphones but can't get it to play through car speakers.

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Thanks garyc170. I tried it and it worked perfectly. You don't happen to know if you can play your iPhone through you car speakers? I have Bluetooth and can use my phone For calls through the speakers so I thought I should be able to play my music from my iphone through the stereo speakers.

Thanks again.

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That would make too much sense! No, unfortunately you can't play music via bluetooth without some aftermarket device. Lexus didn't even supply an Aux input in my 2008 RX. But it does have a cassette deck for all those 80's tapes! :wacko:

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