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Pinion Angle

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I need help finding what the proper pinion angle is for the sc400.

Does anybody know or is anyone willing to put an angle finder on there Diff to find out?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Hey Robb--

I don't have the expertise to be able to do that for you exactly, but I have just bought the full set of lexus repair manuals which I'm using to work on the interior and slowly the rest. But if you can give me a bit of a technical description of what you need that maybe an engineer inexperienced with cars might understand, I might be able to find the manual pages that refer to your issue and send you some pictures. They are incredibly detailed, but there is no index, and I can't exactly control+f to find "pinion angle"

...Well I was about to send that when I realized you were talking about where the driveshaft hits the diff. I know what those pieces are, lol. Attached is that section.


Let me know if any other pics will help


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Oh by the way this is the manual for the 1993. I am pretty sure they are the same in many ways but in this detail, maybe not, I have no way to judge that.

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Thank you for your help.

Unfortunatley that info is for adjusting pinion angle with it in the car. It doesn't give me a starting point.

I'm installing the whole rear sub-frame into a truck and I forgot to check stock pinion angle

before I removed it from the car. :-(

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