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Sc430 Doesn't Start - Please Help!


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Hello. My Lexus SC430 is presenting with a problem, not starting, that the dealership cannot identify. When it first manifested, after getting it turned over, I drove to Firestone and had a new battery put in. Firestone testing showed no problem with either the battery, starter, or alternator (but I replaced the battery anyway). The problem continued, so I drove straight to the Lexus dealership. They claimed it was the fuel pump, changed it, and charged me $1,000. After picking up the car, the next morning, it started and I drove it to New Orleans. I had to make several stops in the city, and at each one, I had to crank it three times, each time trying hard to let it engage, finally getting an ignition on the third try. This is exactly as it had behaved prior to Lexus replacing the fuel pump. So... it was not the fuel pump. During the periods of cranking, there was no diminishment of power. I managed to get it back to Lexus. After dropping it at the service desk, the gentleman who moves the cars could not get it started but I got it running for him and he took it to repair. (Proof that I am not off of my nut.) However, Lexus claims that it starts perfectly each time that they have tried for the past two weeks. They want to return the car to me but I fear that I will use it and be stranded out of town.

Has any owner had this problem? Any assistance is very much appreciated.


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