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Steering Wheel Audio Volume Control Pad Is Deteriorating


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Just bought a 2008 ES350. Drives beautifully with only 26,000 km ( 16,000 miles), but...... The rubberized paint around the audio controls has started to deteriorate ( 8 days after I picked up the car), and white plastic is showing where the rubberized surface has worn away. Took to to the Lexus dealer who said the solution would be to replace both of the steering wheel control panels ( the two come as a single order item). Price -- about $650, plus a couple of hours of installation.

Is there some type of rubbarized black paint available that I could use to dab on the white spot? The area is about 1/4" square. The interior of the car is immaculate, but I can't see spending that amount for such a minor item.


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Check your local yellow pages or the better dealerships for guys who do the interior trim touch ups on cars, repairing torn leather seats, scratched panels, etc. They have the tools and methods needed to refinish/touchup the area of concern without breaking the bank. Even if their repair wears off in two year's time, you can get them to do it again.

Either that, or find a wrecked unit at a junkyard and have it pulled and replaced.

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