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2014 Is 250 Or 2013 Gs 350

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I've owned my 97 ES 300 since 2003. It's a very tired vehicle. I was tired of trying to park a tank and wanted A sporty car before I looked too old to drive one. For several reasons I had decided on an IS. But the don't come in "fashion" colors.

I've found a 2013 GS 350 in Meteor Blue. A serious fashion color!

I would appreciate Thoughts, ideas, pros & cons. Obviously I am buying used due to price.

You all have been a great resource through the years.


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I saw your post and it depends on your needs. I own a 2012 IS250, it is a CPO. I noticed the rear seat is a little tight for rear seat passengers. They say that the rear seating for the 2014 IS is a little bigger. For the money, I would get the 2013 GS350. I am going to trade my 2012 IS for a 2013 or 14 CPO GS350 as soon as I am financially able to. For the money you should be able to get a low mileage 2013 GS CPO or possibly the F-Sport, too. The GS also looks very good and being a Lexus it will run for ever with little maintenance costs. Good luck, I hope this helps.


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I appreciate your reply. I bought the GS350. Not an F-sport, but pretty well equipped. The mileage was a little high, but I love this car!!

I'm glad I bought bigger. First grandchild arrived this month and I am sure I'll need carseat room in a few months. It is also a better size to help with my elderly mother.

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