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Recommendation For An Aftermarket Dash Doard Cover For Es300H (2014)

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I am considering installing an aftermarket dash board cover in my (2014) ES300H. Any comments or suggestions? I looked at the material swatches at local Lexus dealer --- quality did not appear to be all that good and dealer was not all that enthusatic. Looked on the internet --- there are several companies that claim "perfet fit", long lasting, etc.

My question --- Has anyone had experience, good or bad, with aftermarket dash board cover installed in a recent model (2010 to present) Lexus?

Wold appreciate your comments. Thanks for your time.

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The only advise I can offer is be careful. I bought a fabric type dash cover for the Miata I had for about $40 something. To attach the flimsy thing they expected you to stick pieces of Velcro to your dashboard to attach the thing. Even on the old Miata, I was unwilling to stick stuff to my dashboard so it remained in the trunk, even when I sold the car.

I have seen some really nice dash pads in taxis. Maybe ask a hack where he got the thing if you see a nice one. I suspect as always that you get what you pay for. I was cheap and paid.

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I got mine from the dealer. Was using one of those pop out spring loaded light fabric covers, but the metal band inside the edge of the cover scratches the dash. The one from the dealer is an exact fit with a felt edge. Much better.

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