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1990 Leaks


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Its monsoon season around here, so moon roof leaking and some where in the trunk. Got a 94 moon roof from wrecking yard and cleaned up the seal real nice and used Napa Ruglyde on it. It looks like its sealing much better than the old one.

I really can't tell where the trunk leak is but it will fill the spare tire well with water. Its coming from the very back because the trunk lining back there is wet in the lower area. I don't think its the seal, nor the tail lights, any one deal with this problem? Does anyone know exactly where the front moon roof drains exit?

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Since the trunk was getting wet right towards the back, I was thinking it was the bumper bolt area leaking. Found the leak. Like everyone usually says its the trunk seal, some how water is getting to the inside portion that contacts the pinch weld probably a capillary action or something. Then it travels down that area of the seal and floods the trunk. I pulled the bottom portion away to see it that is a temporary fix. To wet to try to seal it with something now. Do the new seals come with a sealer already on them?

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