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P0171, P1130, P1150, 2000 Lexus Rx300


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Hello all,

Someone please help, and show me how to fix these issues?

My have had the check Engine light turn on for a while with these code below:

P1130: A/F sensor circuit range/performance malfunction (bank 1 sensor 1)

P1150: A/F sensor circuit range/performance malfunction (bank 2 sensor 1)

P0171: System too lean (bank 1) with the following freeze frame data below.

Fuel sys 1 = CL

Fuel sys 2 = CL

Calc load (%) = 47.8

ECT (deg F) = 174.2

STPT B1(%) = 19.5

LTPT B1(%) = 1.6

STPT B2(%) = 19.5

LTPT B2(%) = 3.1

Eng (RPM) = 1747

Veh speed (mph) = 24

IAT (deg F) = 100.4

So far, I replaced the Mass Air Flow sensor make by Denso 197-6020, and I bought it from Amazon for $76.00, but the check engine light still on.


Also my car consumes too much gas, I got about 5-10 MPG city.

Thank you for your help.


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