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Metallic Ticking Noise From Heavy Acceleration From A Rolling 20Mph


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Hello Gentleman, I have a quick question for any of you who may have experienced what I have. First let me tell you that I know this is not the typical exhaust manifold issue! This noise I know goes away after my SUV warms up. The question if concern is that when I am rolling at about 20 mph and I floor the vehicle to make a pass or to just stretch her legs my LX 470 with 106k makes a metallic ticking noise momentarily until the speed catches up with the rpm's. My concern is that I either have a bad CV axel that can no longer handle the torque in this situation or that because I have yet to change my timing belt the valves are tapping under this type of load. Can anyone help clarify my issue. I have recently purchased the timing belt and water pump kit for replacement but have yet to do this. I really hope it sounds like the CV instead of my valves. Please help

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