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Ls 400 Needle Repair

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Before anyone jumps all over me… I have read every post I can find on this topic but I would like someone to tell me how to repair these needles / gages myself.

I want to be able to fix a needle (tach) that is out completely, a flickering needle (temp), and the ‘cold dash problem’ where everything goes out until the car heats up.

I am an electrical engineer and I feel there should be a cheat-cheat on doing this type of repair (and I am sure there are other qualified people). For example: Replace C10, and D12, and check for bad solder joints on P1 say for arguments sake or perhaps replacing LEDs that are part of the needle.

Speaking of LEDs are the needles made from multiple LEDs or out of a florescent tub (I have heard both versions).

I am just reluctant to take the whole dash apart and start replacing parts without a ‘success story’. I am also envisioning that it will be hard to diagnose as applying power to the cluster while it is out of the car will be difficult.



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there was a post like this couple of month ago but it was lost in the crash, but i think some1 saved it so if you are lucky he will read this post and give you the info. it was pretty detailed and even had sources where to get replacement parts.

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