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I bought my ES 350 about two months ago and all seemed well until my rear left speaker (not the one on the door) failed and then just recently the center dash speaker failed. At volumes exceeding about 30 both speakers begin to snap crackle and pop. The center dash speaker especially likes to act up when the car is experiencing a right turn at speed (on ramps off ramps etc) They still work although highly irritating, just enough to get me considering trading this thing in. I'm a younger guy so of course I like to play my music a little louder than most others, nothing so loud that it should damage speakers (nothing more than 55). I usually play music from my iphone via aux input, which might be also beginning to fail. The sound will cut in and out quite often depending on volume etc. The theif from Lexus STEALER quoted me an insane $1500 worth of work for a new center dash speaker and a subwoofer which allegedly failing too (works perfectly fine, he doesn't know what he's talking about). I can buy an older Lexus for $1500 :glare: Despite the bad news, I am quite relieved to hear that my thousand dollar amp (which is also famous for Ka-putting on this model) works perfectly fine. I would like to know if there were any alternative speakers to replace these cheap horrid ML speakers and also are there any diagrams out there showing how to get to and replace both speakers. It's a shame My mom's 15 year old Mercedes has a better sound system than this :mellow:

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One option would be to visit crutchfield.com. You can get speakers from there, and they will supply you instructions, and all the parts you need to replace your factory speakers. If you don't want to install it yourself, you can services from installernet from Crutchfield also.

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