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07 Rx 350 - Display Reset Question

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Hey All,

Newbie here .. please be nice LOL! :D

I am from Canada and the other day we picked up a 2007 RX 350 5A AWD. It is our first Lexus and love it so far, previous to this we had a 2009 Venza 4cyl AWD and WOW what a difference!

Question I have is, one the Venza it is fairly easy to reset the L/100km but on the RX350 I am not sure and tried to hold down the INFO button (No Nav) but it didnt reset. In the manual it mentions it will reset on every gas fill. Is this whenever the tank is completely empty or how does it work as it looks like I can't reset it myself. Personally, every tank fill I reset it so that I can get a good idea of what the gas consumption is like. Been doing this with the Venza and the 2009 CR-V prior to that.



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