Lexus Rc-F Will Have 460 Bhp V8

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but again i have been thinking that the

RC-F v8 ? again ? yes 460 hp.. at crank....

isnt current isf hitting 415 hp ? so thats the 45 hp diffrence

but if you count this as if you put a few ? just two bolt on mod this is not a huge diffrence .. as power wise

exhause and header isf owners are hitting 418 whp yes wheel hp

so it is not a big upgrade in power wise..

and for the most of that is killing me is the weight as base rcf model some says its gonna be around 3850 - 3990 ? come on.... isf is 4 door sendan with 3800 ish without the sub sound system..

new rcf will not be able to take m3 again.... i am not sure since rcfs are not hitting the road yet but as some of the paper spec.. not feeling it

also the lexus ecu can not be tuned ( self learning ecu ? >< ) not much as owner can do.

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I expect RC-F and RC350 to be plenty powerful and competitive in its class..

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