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Intermittant Whining Noise On 2003 Rx300

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We own a 2003 RX300 that started making an intermittant whining noise that appears to be coming from the back of the vehicle. We first heard the whining noise about 2 months ago and took it in to a dealership in the Kansas City area. They looked it over and couldn't find anything wrong with it. (Of course, the vehicle didn't make the noise while it was in the Lexus shop) They made several adjustments--with the tires, wheels, roof rack, etc. We hadn't noticed the whining sound again until last week and then some days we hear it and some days we don't. Even on the days that we hear the whining sound, it doesn't occur all the time. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when the whining noise happens. The noise is heard when driving at speeds of anywhere from 5-35 mph--we haven't noticed in while drining on the highway. Has anyone else had this problem--I would like to get it fixed as it gets very annoying!



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