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Rx300 Cd Changer Install

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Hi, a new owner here. I had a '00 RX300, but foolishly sold it, but we're now back on the Lexus saddle with a '03 RX300.

It's got all the options but strangely enough, no CD changer. We called the dealership and got a stickershock price of over $1000 for a changer install. I read the forum and learned that it's not a simple matter of sticking any old changer in there.

So my question is: if I buy an used Panasonic Lexus OEM changer, can a dealership install that to the HU that did not have a CD changer from the factory? I read from another forum that all Lexus HUs were CD-changer-ready, is that true? The dealership quoted around $800 or so for the changer and another $200-$300 for a "kit" that must be special-ordered, so I'm a bit confused here.

All in all, CD changer or not, it's a great car. I really enjoyed te drive down from Ann Arbor, where we prchased the car, to Atlanta, where we live, this past Sunday. I planned on having my wife drive part of the way because I had to work Monday but I ended up driving the whole way. Thank in advance for any help!

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Although I can't answer the specific questions that you asked, I can relate to what you're going through. I'm in the same boat as you. I have a '99 RX-300 with no CD changer. I've been looking for the past few weeks on buying a CD changer and ran across one for sale at They have OEM changers for Lexus at this site. I haven't been able to find any info on the net about this retailer, however. But assuming they're honest, their $300 changer sure beats the dealer's $1000 price tag. Maybe you can look at going this route rather than trying to get the dealer to install a used system for you.


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