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Check Engine And Vsc Lights

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I have a 2001 RX300. The check engine light and VSC lights are now illuminated on the dash. The codes pulled are PO441, PO446, and PO440. It is not the gas cap. Where should I begin?

Go to this site and you can click on those 3 #'s (one by one) and it will give you tips on what to do. Very useful site.

I must ask, did they cancel the codes out after you had them read? That is the 1st thing I always do when reading codes. Especially when there are more than 1 code. Then see what comes up 1st., IF the CEL comes on again. OFTEN, when you gety a CEL, the codes you get may or may not be valid. What comes up after the light has been cancelled is much more valid.

IF you chase the 1st. DTC's that come up many times you will be chasing your tail needlessly.

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thanks for the directions.

It wasn't the gas cap it was the connection the cap is captured in. The seal edge on the connection had some random deposits of solid residue. I cleaned this off with a light scotch-brite (the white one) and coated it with silicone vacuum grease. Reinstalled the cap and the negative lead to the battery and the warning lights haven't illuminated since.

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