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Wanted To Share My Lexus Gsh Vossen Video & Photos


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"Here is the video shot of my car down in Key Largo, Florida earlier this month. It was an interesting day since we couldn't shoot much anywhere else as it was pouring like a monsoon. So we looked at intellicast and saw that the storm was not in Key Largo for whatever reasons.

So that was our chance. And hey I already drove down from Atlanta, whats another hour or so south:p

We were having a difficult time though finding a place to shoot the photos/vids when we found the only bridge to the town and exited off the bridge and it was PERFECT!!:woot::woot:

It was really amazing to see Tony (vids) and Anthony (photos) do their work. It is no short task and took HOURS to complete, which is normal for them but new for me. Sadly, I did not bring any chicken to eat while this was being shot:p. We worked our ideas together and they were open to feedback and me being me, butting in and giving my 2 cents (anyone that has been with me to a show/meet can see how anal I can get). They were patient and professional and thanks guys for your efforts. :thumbup::thumbup:

Sent Jav a couple of preview pics from the phone and he was excited. Jav has been extremely supportive of the vids/photos and patient as well while demanding "get it done".:) We then saw the storm turning our way so we were pushing for time. Clearly I got to see Tony and Anthony's methods in person and I won't share their secrets. ;)

So far the Vossen CV3 wheels have been pretty amazing in not just being tough cookies (I drove from ATL to Miami, hit potholes, people, peaches, gators) :D and they have held up perfect. I promised I would baby them but I have a hard time holding the 340hp hybrid down. The wheels have been through as hard as street driving as you can get and not a dent at all. I am beyond happy with the quality of the wheels. I was worried being 20's with thin tires (my first set of 20s) but the ride also feel pretty close to OEM (not sure what Lexus does outside of magic fairy dust on their cars).

Onto the looks, well feedback has beeN AMAZING. This is by far my most aggressive setup, usually my setups are conservative, track/OEM+ oriented. I didn't get the whole big wheel "Stance" thing until recently when I saw some cars in person here in Atlanta (we are sadly behind the curve). I've been to shows, meets and people love the wheels from new school guys to old school guys (this one old school Camaro guy said "mahn those are the best looking wheels I've ever seen and I've seen it all in 40 years" :eek2: I honestly asked Jav did they hire a mathematician when they designed the CV3 wheel b/c the design seems to amazingly match every car its fitted on perfectly. :P

My wheel specs & suspension are;

Matte Graphite

20x9 front +32

20x10.5 rear +45

Tires are Yokohoma S.Drives (and the tires are also great surpassing expectations)

245/35/20 up front

275/30/20 rear

Springs are Tanabe DF-2" drop (very happy as well)

Like many here with wheels, you never really get to see your car rolling. At a meet recently CL member Tee drove my car around the lot and for the first time I saw what people saw. Its amazing b/c the car is black with Matte Graphite wheels, not very flashy but people just love how it looks, especially on the move.

Well the video really convinced me I made the right choice.:buttrock

Here is the link to the full 20 page photoshoot done with the GSh. I didn't want to post all 20 images here (CLICK HERE).

As you can see I am really excited how the photoshoot/video came out and all the work was well worth it. I hope you get excited for me and enjoy the small show.









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