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Alarm Will Not Stop


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Help!!! I lent my 1999 es 300 to a friend all was fine until I went to start the car and a loud alarm went off. I have owned the car for 2 years and have never had the alarm go off. I'm not sure if it is a security alarm or safety alarm. However it is very loud inside the car. Tried disconnecting the battery to no avail... Alarm continued to sound although battery was completely disconnected( positive and negative leads disconnected)... any help is greatly appreciated just drove home 40 minutes with this alarm blaring in the car. I disconnected the battery when I arrived home 30 minutes ago and the alarm is still going...

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update... problem solved!!!

After extensive research on line and hours of troubleshooting I found and fixed the source of my alarm problem.

1st I tried turning the key in the drivers side door( I never use the key to enter) when that didn't reset the alarm I proceeded to remove the door panel to make sure alarm sensor was properly conected

... Not the cause of the problem...

In my frustration I decided to find the alarm horn and simply cut the wires. I researched that the alarm computer is usually located behind the steering column under the dash... When I got under the dash I could not identify anything that resembled a alarm computer but I did notice the sound appeared to be coming from center console

... I began to remove center console...

As I began, I noticed wedged between the driver's seat and the console a small flashlight like device... it turned out to be a personal alarm system(about the size of a small flashlight on a lanyard)... It appears that when I readjusted the seat after my friend borrowed the car I must haver actuated the personal alarm system...

I feel like such a fool... but problem solved

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