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Rx450H Questions

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Got my new 450h. Wow. Such an improvement in features over the 2006 RX400h.

Have a couple of issues, wonder if anyone has figured out workarounds:

1) Bluetooth Phonebook. I transferred the phonebook from my iPhone, and it dies at 1000 contacts. The manual shows that as a limitation, but how would you suggest getting around it? It's not like you can transfer a subset or subgroup of contacts. Is there any way to group short of syncing a Group to the iPhone, transferring to the iPhone, then re-syncing the entire addressbook? Seems like a silly arbitrary limit - however, it's a huge improvement over 2006 when they could barely talk to each other :-)

2) Another Phonebook question. When the phonebook transfers, it transfers First Name, Last Name, so the sort order is totally backwards in the address book on the car. Any way around that short of renaming all the contacts in the phone? I really want to have them go in Last, First.

3) Audio Question. I've got Integrated Nav. It's nice. However, with XM, iPod, and Radio, we are often listening and say "hey what is that song" - and it takes a mouse, click, click to get to the audio screen to find the track listing. On the old one, I could just hit the analog TEXT button. Seems like a lot of steps for something that should be easy. At times, I'd really like to keep the audio screen up rather than default back to the Nav screen if there were a way to customize that. Any thoughts?

4) Scrolling. Multi-Page scrolling is painful. Period. On every screen. You have to click; wait for smooth scroll; click; wait, etc. I wisht hey would allow you to hold the button down and then gradually increase the scroll speed rather than the one page-at a time stuff.

But hey, if those are my biggest complaints, I don't have many...

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