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Drivers Door Will Not Open


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I have a '93 Ls400. Today, when I went out to open my door it would not open and the window only went have way down. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, does anyone have a fix for the problem. Thank you for all of your help.


By "not open", do you mean it will not unlock with the remote? Repeatable?

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My 94 400LS did this last year,

the remote would not work on driver door, would work on all others,

Key would not open driver door either...

had to get to the "lock box" inside door,

how? can't get the door panel off unless the door is open,

I found out this car was designed to be Impossible to break into,

slim jim or hangers will not work (I tried for 2 days)

finally took a saws-all to the interior door panel and cut it in half to gain access to the lock box inside

The problem turned out to be a broken spring about the size of on in a ball point pen spring

I bent a new hook on the end and it fixed the problem , .05 cent spring

A week later I found a matching used door panel on ebay for $90.00

but still worry that spring will break again

I do love this car though.

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