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2003 Lx470 15k Service Recommendation

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hi, i am new to this forum. we are on our 2nd LX470 - great SUV. this one's a 2003, the first one was a 1999 model year.

i am due for an oil change and the "15K service". here's my question: given that this is a LEASED vehicle and i will not likely purchase, what is really required at this service interval. one dealer wants $400 for LOF, wiper inserts, tire balance (??) and an oil additive! another told me that 15K requirements include tranny service and some of the above.

i am a big fan of regular oil changes and proper preventative maintenance to insure this vehicle runs safely, as my wife and kids use it as a daily driver. i also have been loyal to my lexus dealer and have had them do all services. i do not want to cheap out - AND - do not want to get taken advantage by a lexus dealer looking to make a few hundred dollars on needless service. bottom line want to do the RIGHT thing regardless of price - but don't want to waste $$.

so - what's required? your advise is appreciated. this looks like a nice forum. thanks.

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