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Rebuilding My 84 Lexus Es300

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Well just about 4 years ago I got me 1994 Lexus Es300, a more over change dealing with American cars. All I had in my life was Fords and Chrysler <_< . When I bought my 1st Lexus from this private owner i'm like finally I'm driving something with a NAME :rolleyes: . I know now never get tooo excited about anything. This car which I'm still working on ran good for about 2 days for the engine went out. Obviously this guy use this car and took it on a while ride and like it was a salvage car. Had to replace the engine which i was in such a rush doing, I just took it to the 1st place i saw....what a big mistake. This mechanic in Garland kept my car for over 4 months, :chairshot: telling me he had to do this and that. He gave me a replacement car to drive until he finish. Most times i went up there he rarely was working on my car, then when i sat around for few hours he seem to be putting few things together and took me to where they were doing my heads. He ask me 'do you want me to do the rings, they look good and will cost more i dont think you should replace them' after keeping my car here this long i went on head and agree not to replace them... one of many mistakes i regretted. When i finally got my car out the shop it ran good up until bout 3 months when i notice bluish like smoke coming from the tailpipe. This was the same time few other issues pop off, like my transmission was shifting real hard to my dashboard lights were going out. When i told him of the smoke, told me to use heavier oil. I did that with little result it smoke but not so much and it only smoke when i start the car up. Then i was told to use Oil additives which seem to work for a while but i still was using lot's of oil, by this time i could not reach him so i drove the car like this for a year trying to work on the other few things. After few months the transmission went from shifting hard to not shifting at all. Found out the ECU ( cars computer) went out. Got that replace but car still shift real hard, end up replacing all the motor mounts including the Transmission Mount. Now only 1st gear seem to shift hard guess I need to replace this transmission. but now I got my car at another shop to re due the engine and this time i'm keeping an eye :ph34r: out on this guy which seem to know what he's doing. I ordered the engine rebuilt kit and he showed me that i got the wrong Main Bearings standard I need oversize 010 and this time got the new pistons with the rings, so i mostly going have halfway new engine even lexus can agree i just hope when i get a chance to do my transmission i dont have to do this twice..if i only went back in time and said yes do the pistons and rings.... ha you live and learn right

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