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Trailer Hitch Issue

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Hi all,

I recently fitted a trailer hitch from - Drawtite Code 75676

I followed the instructions and everything looked great. My wife drove around the block and noticed a loud metallic clanging noise over bumps. Well this is a heads up for you all, DONT buy the Drawtite, there is a few millimeters of space left between the exhaust and the actual trailer hitch. I even took it to U Haul and the guy there had no solution other than inserting a piece of rubber in-between the space. Of course that will work until the exhaust heats up.

If anyone has encountered this please feel free to give a suggestion. The only option I have now is to wait for to contact Drawtite. Etrailer is now selling a new hitch, it allows space for the exhaust! Check it out - Curt Code 13541


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I'm not sure if you spoke with anyone here at regarding your exhaust rattle issue. It does happen from time to time. Exhaust systems by nature do not have to be fit as precisely on vehicles like other parts do. The mounting tolerances are a bit more open for exhaust components.

There are several tricks that we use in our shop here that you may find helpful. The first is to bend one of the exhaust hangers enough to shift the position of the exhaust away from the hitch. You may be able to add some washers to act as spacers for the exhaust hanger that you removed and re-installed during the installation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Customer Service Department.


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