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Noise When Braking Help!

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Hi all,

I have an 2008 Lexus LS460 with only 19,000 miles. I don't even drive the car hard. Anyhow, there is a noise from the rear suspension (left side or driver side) when I brake the car to a full stop (at moderate braking force). The noise is NOT noise from the brake system itself but rather from the suspension component (strut, shock, etc). It's a CLUNK-CLUNK-CLUNK sounds as two pieces of metal tapping against each other as the car stops. This noise comes from the rear driver's side. I stood outside the car while someone braked and it is not heard from the passenger side. Noise happens either from forward to stop braking or reverse to stop braking.

I took the car into the dealer and a service advisor test drove the car and heard the noise. They kept the car for a week for the technician to look/fix. Today, they told me that the car was ready. However, they didn't fix the noise...They said the "normal" noise is normal for this model of car.

Is this noise normal??? What should I do?

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