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Amp For 2001 Lexus Es300

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**I am new and accidentally posted to General Lexus Discussion. I am re-posting here.

Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, but I've heard good things so I figured I'd join. I have a question for you, and would appreciate anyone's helpful answers...

My radio recently stopped working. when i turn on the lights to it, the AC/TEMP lights are fine, so is everything else, battery is new within the last 6 months, but the lights that illuminate the radio/CD controls don't light up, and when i press the knob to turn on the stereo, nothing happens. HOWEVER, the CD changer works fine.

I had my mechanic look at it and he said the fuses are fine, and after looking it up on the computer, he said my amp is probably bad. He said to try and find the model and year at a junkyard and see if they would let me buy it.

My question is: Is this a feasible alternative to going to the dealer? Does anyone else have any other alternatives, or have any reassurance that this is an effective route to go (trying to find an amp from a junkyard?)? I might have located a junkyard selling one online for under $100. Would I just need an amp or cords as well?

Thank you for reading and for any answers that are left. I appreciate it.

Also, are any es300 amps backwards compatible with previous years?

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