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High Rpm Problem

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I have a problem in my Lexus 400 model 1990 .. When I start up the engine, speed is high ( up to 1400 ) and then begin gradually decreased up to 850 .. .. And when I drive, suddenly increase in engine speed .. watch RPM meter when stopped at the traffic light .. When Keep Gear on the D and kept down break pedal .. I notice that the speed of rotation of the engine at 1100 .. with loud voice of the engine .. the air conditioner is turned off ..

My question is: What are the sensors that can affect the speed of rotation of the engine .. Too much?

Does the air temperature sensors within the Mass Air Flow has effect on the speed of rotation? Is the TPS has effect?

Note that I examined the electronic signals the error .. Does not have any error code.

Cleaned the throttle body .. with no benefit.

The main problem is: when I restart the engine again (through 20 seconds), I need to wait about 5 minutes again to reach 800 RPM from about 1400 ? Is that normal?

Please advise me

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