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'04 Ls430 Just Rolled Over 100K Miles

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Well I just rolled over 100k miles with my LS last weekend. Its also just a few days past its 7th year birthday. I bought it new December 2003.

A bit of road rash and not quite a shiny as she once was but considering she's 7 years old no complaints.

7 year maintenance has been:

1) On my third set of tires. Latest set are cheap Pep Boy tires. Won't do that again, poor grip and noisy on highway.

2) Brake (pads) been done twice in front once in back. New rotors in front and back. Normal maintenance around $500 all in.

3) Passenger side mirror was replaced for failure to retract properly. Warranty didn't cover about $700.

4) AFS Light always flashing was fixed when I replaced rear axle height sensor. Around $350 for part installed myself.

5) Rear backup camera. Corroded. Covered by warranty.

6) Transmission and fuel pump replaced when 9 months old. Warranty (TSB). No cost.

7) New NAV map last fall, only updated maps once in 7 years. Around $120 for new map DVD.

8) 90K service. Did myself about $600 in parts. TB, idlers, tensioner, serp belt, coolant, water pump, thermostat, et al.

9) Numerous oil changes and air and cabin filter swap outs.

10) Parking sonar not working due to damaged front sensor. Might fix in summer. Needs new sonar puck.

I've done my own maintenance for past 24-36 months. Saved a bundle from those dealer $79+ oil changes and those over priced 30k mile services. Car runs like a dream, engine as quiet as when I got it. No shakes or vibrations on the road.

Expensive cars up front but if I keep it another 3-4 years my total lifetime costs will be comparable to a much lesser car.

I'll check in when I hit 200k miles... :lol:

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Congrats on the milestone, Curious. :cheers: Its a bittersweet moment...."yeah! I made 100k. Wait, my baby is getting old. ohhh". :cries:

There is a certain pleasure derived from doing one's own work. For me, it is the $avings and, perhaps more importantly, knowing the good was done correctly, independence from shops, the "learning" experience and bragging rights.

Surprised to hear that you had to replace both the front and rear rotors. Would have thought a simple resurface would have sufficed. Have you ever changed your brake fluid?

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Must be the salt here in IL. Rears basically disintegrated. Holes in surface and such. Fronts got warped and it was only a little more to buy new than resurface and I was concerned about thickness by the time they planed out the warpage. If they warped at the old thickness then they're just that much more likely to warp again once thinner. There is a good foreign car parts store nearby so bought non OEM rotors and no complaints.

I bought the brake fluid and planned to flush brakes at the 90k service but got lazy. I am a little suspect about the need to flush them so often. I see Harbor Freight has a vacuum bleeder on sale so maybe a new tool is my impetus to get the brakes flushed.

No doubt there is a certain satisfaction to doing some of this yourself. Your TB write-up was invaluable for me last summer.

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