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'03 Gs430 132K Orig Miles - Time To Invest In Some Preventive/reqd

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Bought this car new in '03. Love it - reliable as the sun. Other than routinely addressing fluids, filters, tires, battery, brakes and alignments, I have not done anything else in the way of preventive or recommended maintenance. I have read a lot of the posts here (btw - this is an awesome resource) and picked up on some recurring recommendations for areas I should address sooner than later. This includes replacing all shocks, the front struts, the timing belt and water pump, and take a close look at the upper and lower ball joints (expect to replace them as well). As far as the engine is concerned - replace the spark plugs and ignition wires.

I'd welcome feedback (Did I get it right? Am I missing some things?)

As i said the car has been near perfect - here are the only problems I am experiencing right now:

I am getting some low level squeaking noises from the front suspension when going over speed bumps.

Like others I too have a car whose passenger side door will not lock or unlock with the key or door switch.

Getting excessive vibration from the rear center ML Sound-system sub-woofer (I have to turn the bass way down).

Thank you for any feedback and sage advice.

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