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'05 Lx470 Leaks Like A Sieve

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I can't believe it.

I bought a 2005 LX470 two weeks ago to replace an old Land Cruiser. The LC had many problems, including soaking up every raindrop it could find.

My wife came to me in tears tonight to let me know the carpeting in the rear of the car was SOAKING wet and already smelling moldy. The base of the B-pillars is also completely wet. This is exactly the problem we had with our LC.

I only found a single mention in the entire Internet about this happening, and it was to a 2002 LX. First the dealership blamed the spoiler (wasn't the spoiler, and ours doesn't even have one) then they blamed the "light in the third door hatch." I can only assume this means the center brake light.

Has anyone else had major rain leakage problems? If so, where do you recommend I look first?

Thank you,


(Toyota/Lexus, if you're listening this is totally unacceptable. You've had decades to make this car rain-proof and you still haven't figured it out.)

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