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Crackling Noise In Rear Speaker - '99 Rx300

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While listening to my stock "Lexus Premium Audio" sound system in my 1999 Lexus RX300, I get a substantial crackling noise in the right rear speaker. A few points:

1. The crackling occurs no matter what input (i.e. tape, CD, AM/FM)

2. The crackling is intermittent. I can go whole drives (typically NYC<->BOS which is ~3 hours) with nothing and then the last 10 minutes is all crackles.

3. There sometimes is some start-up crackle when I first turn the stereo on. It can remain during the drive or go away or go away and come back.

4. Even with the volume low or near off, the fade and balance moved completely away from the speaker, it still crackles.

5. I've disconnected and reconnected the speaker (by removing the door panel and pulling the adapter), which fixed the crackles for a whole day or 2.

6. Once again, stock stereo. more than 150k miles on the car.

I initially thought the speaker was damaged, but the day I disconnected/reconnected it, it was fine when I cranked the volume, base, treble, and mids way up and played music the whole day. Also, if I tweak the radio or CD i'm playing I can get rid of it. sometimes its really bad and I have to turn it off and go with the sound of the engine. Sorry for all the info but I had to be thorough.

Any thoughts?

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