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Tickling Noise When In Idle / Swishing Noise When I Drive

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So two days ago, I got an oil change for my lexus is300. It's been a LOOOONG time since the last time i changed my oil, which was probably a year ago. Not only that, I drive a lot so I racked up 15k miles before changing the oil (Yeah never doing that again..)

BUt here's the problem: After I got the oil change, my car started to sounds different; there is a ticking noise coming from the oil filter area, and you only hear this when the car is in P or Neutral, or just idling. And when i drive it, if you rev it slowly, you can hear like a swishing noise. It's hard to describe but my car never sounded like this before.

My friends say its because I haven't changed my oil for so long that the oil began to form clunks?

Any suggestions as to why it's like this? Much help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Around the filter area could point to many causes. Does the t- and swishing noise proportionally vary when revving a bit?

There's a possibility the old oil has gunked up some parts of the engine, providing a 'protective' layer. When changing to new oil, the 'fresh' solving solution can brake down this gunk, revealing engine wear, or blocking oil channels/oil pump. In many cases the ticking is caused by lifters, but that would be a different area and often when the engine is cold.

There are some things to consider:

- you need to pinpoint the 'source' of ticking (inside engine or related to environment, belts/fan etc.

- what kind of oil/filter is used before and with latest refresh (different viscosity/dino/synth)?

- check the oil level, perhaps oil pressure?

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