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Front Defrost Light Just Blinks, Climate Control Doesn't Work


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Ok, I have read other threads but havn't gotten any definitive answer on this subject. I have a 96 LS400, 107000 miles. I was driving last week and when I stopped and parked, it would start back up, wasn't getting fuel. I had it towed to my house, about 15 miles on a flat bed and diagnosed the fuel pump. I disconnected the battery and replaced the fuel pump and it started right up. Lucky right? Well started it up again the next day to go for a drive and the climate control would not even come on. The front defroster light just blinks. I could not locate any burnt fuses. I have not done anything else at all to this car. My friend did have the fuel injector cover thing off so he could spray starter fluid into it to make sure it was the fuel pump. Then he put that plastic tube back on and that was it. The rest of the work was just pulling the back seat and replacing the pump. Any ideas.... it is hot without A/C

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